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Client Testimonials

          “I was most impressed with the Market Analysis Suzanne put together for us before we were even ‘officially’ her clients.  She delivered it to me immediately, and she was quick to take pictures.  I was very happy with her; she was really on the ball.  All through the process, Suzanne kept in contact with me and let me know everything that was going on.  She was especially good about explaining all the alternatives I had open to me.  Recently I talked to her about another property, and I referred someone else to her, as well.  She knows the area and is a property owner herself, so she really understands.  She’s very energetic and puts a lot of effort into helping people.  I’ve worked with lots of realtors and many of my friends are realtors, but I was very satisfied with Suzanne.”  -Charmi Olson, Sultan, WA

¨ Suzanne’s a great negotiator

                  “We were very happy having Suzanne as our agent in selling our home.  She did

            everything anyone could do to make the deal satisfactory to us and the buyer.  She followed

            through on every detail promptly.  We also purchased our present home through her, which

            we are very happy we did.  We highly recommend Suzanne to anyone buying or selling a

            home.”  -Lester Reed, Sedro Woolley

¨        Suzanne will work hard for you.

              “Whenever I had questions about escrow, contractors, title insurance, the seller, etc.,

            Suzanne always found the answers for me – and she got them right away. She put forth a lot

            of energy for me.  She also did another transaction for me, and she was just as helpful with

            that one.”  -Dennis Gwin, Mount Vernon

                 “I was the executor of my parent’s estate, and their property was part of the estate.  It was

            a very crazy time for us, but Suzanne handled selling my parents’ house very well.  We had

            two offers within two weeks of listing it.  We had problems with the first offer, but Suzanne

            found a second buyer immediately.  She stayed on top of it from beginning to end, and it

            closed in 45-60 days.  She made it easy for us.”  -Robert & Lori Paggioli,  Mount Vernon

                “Suzanne was comfortable to deal with and very honest.  Above all, she listened to us.  It

            took only two and a half weeks to sell our house.  I have very warm feelings toward Suzanne

            because she was so fair to us.  We’ve had lots of dealings with other people – bad things – and

            you just get the feeling that they aren’t really working for you.  They just sign you up and leave

            you.  But that’s not how I felt about Suzanne.  She started working for us right from the start.

            I’ve told many other people about her.”  –Larry & Karen Rygg, Mount Vernon

               “Suzanne was excellent to work with.  She has an immense amount of patience and energy, and        

            she went out with me to look at many houses – not just three or four times, but over and over again

            until we found what I wanted.  She is straightforward and not aggressive or pushy.  I would highly           recommend her.  I’ve already bought four homes from her so far.  I wouldn’t go out on a limb for

            just anyone.  I was a realtor myself once, so I know a good one when I see one.”  -Jean Hubbard,           Vallejo, CA

               “I’d like to say some nice things about Suzanne Jenkins:  She helped us            

            buy our home.  It was a deal with a challenging property, somewhat

            difficult negotiations, and unexpected delays.  She handled it all with

            professionalism and grace.  She provided some excellent resources to get

            the deal done, and we are very happy.  I would highly recommend her as

            a realtor. “  Donna [White] Schoonover, M.D., Sedro Woolley, WA